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Nestled on the western hills of Keuka Lake in Pulteney, NY Grace Community Fellowship is a Bible believing church focused on sharing and expressing the love of God. We hope to see you soon!

About Our Church

Pastor’s Corner

Radical Love (The Series)

We are told in scripture that love is a critically important aspect in our everyday lives. However, we have diluted what the word love means. In this series, we will look at how we can love more completely, in order to spread the love of Jesus and bring light to the darkness. In week 1,Continue reading “Radical Love (The Series)”

Returning to the Storehouse

The concept of tithing, giving and stewardship tends to be very confusing. This week, Pastor Will seeks to break down these concepts while making one point very clear: God doesn’t need your money. Tithing and stewardship are crucial components of our faith and walk with Christ, but not just in a financial sense! At theContinue reading “Returning to the Storehouse”