Welcome to Grace Community Fellowship!

Nestled on the western hills of Keuka Lake in Pulteney, NY Grace Community Fellowship is a Bible believing church focused on sharing and expressing the love of God. We hope to see you soon!

About Our Church

Pastor’s Corner

The Ghost (Series)

Have you ever heard any good ghost stories? Regardless, in this series you will hear of the greatest ghost story ever told and understood: The Holy Spirit! The Holy Spirit remains the least understood member of the trinity of God. Many of us don’t fully grasp the Holy Spirit’s function, power, authority or purpose inContinue reading “The Ghost (Series)”

Worship Him (The Series)

We are told over and over again in scripture to worship God. However, do we really know what worshipping God is? Often we assume that we are worshipping God and that all Christians define worship as the same thing. In this series, we will look at various forms of worshipping God that can be foundContinue reading “Worship Him (The Series)”