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Nestled on the western hills of Keuka Lake in Pulteney, NY Grace Community Fellowship is a Bible believing church focused on sharing and expressing the love of God. We hope to see you soon!

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Pastor’s Corner

God, Where are You?

Have you ever had those moments where you pray, you hope, you seek and you cry out for the Lord? Surely! We all have. Did God answer your prayer? Did you find the hope you sought after? Was your eyes dried with an everlasting peace? If you answered yes, no, maybe or not really toContinue reading “God, Where are You?”

Anticipating The Rebellion: The Coming of a King (Christmas 2020)

By all accounts, Jesus was a rebel. He didn’t represent the accepted culture or power structure that the people in Israel were accustomed to. They called him Rabbi but with a few exceptions, few would dare to call him Lord. He broke their religious traditions and arbitrary rules. Explore with us how Jesus’ birth, life,Continue reading “Anticipating The Rebellion: The Coming of a King (Christmas 2020)”