Spirituality v. Religion

Are you spiritual but not religious? I would call that nuanced spirituality, colored and shaded by one’s own personal inclination. In other words, one person’s spirituality is different than another’s, based on nothing more than how you define it. No truth involved with it at all. Incidentally, there is no such thing as your truth and my truth. There is truth, but it doesn’t conform to personal interpretation nor does it originate subjectively within one’s self. How about this one? I read recently that students at a progressive seminary were confessing their sins before plants. “Forgive me O, pansies for I have sinned.” Yep, that right there will cleanse the soiled environmentalist conscience! We confess only to God and nothing purges guilt except the blood of Christ.
People worship creation today instead of the creator. That’s paganism plain and simple and Christian’s are forbidden to do that.
O, that people would worship the one true God in spirit and in TRUTH! The Father is seeking those who will do just that! True worship is born of truth, and truth is in the person of Jesus Christ and his Word. Objectivity and subjectivity combined. Such a wonderful balance! That is true spirituality, where God and not self is glorified.
We do not have a spark of divinity as New Agers would say. Nor are we part of some cosmic consciousness all progressing towards a universal “oneness.” We are created and contingent beings, designed to be images of the one true God. How much mankind has fallen! And what price for its restoration! Only through the shed blood and finished work of Christ can we be restored. It takes a new birth, a profound regeneration!
Judge for yourself; what manner of spirituality will you have? One born of a fallen mind, or one born of a new creation and the mind of Christ?

Pastor Larry

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