Good Friday

The cross is the nexus of heaven and earth, God and man, time and eternity. It is the focal point of human history, the greatest tragedy yet the greatest triumph, a means of death, yet an entrance to life. How can we possibly understand the implications of Christ’s death? The Lamb slain from the foundation of the world, appointed and predestined to die. Who can understand what Jesus meant when He said “my God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Or the Father’s heart towards the Son? Or the wrath of God poured out on Christ? No, all of this is beyond our full comprehension, though we need so desperately to reflect upon these truths. We are so caught up with the trivial, the mundane, the earthly, drawn away from what matters eternally. A great deception has blinded the minds of many keeping them from seeing the truth of who Christ really is.
Yes, this is good Friday, and at this time about two thousand tears ago, the God-man, Jesus Christ was crucified. When He cried out “it finished”, those words still echo throughout the world today. He completed the work of redemption on that bloody cross and we bow our hearts in deepest gratitude.

Pastor Larry

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