What is the Church? Complete Series

If you missed any part of our series entitled, “What is the Church?”, then you are in luck! All messages in this series are below! This is a hard-hitting series from Pastor Will as he takes us through the expectations and focus of the first, new testament church.

In Week 1, Pastor Will begins the series “What is the Church?” Together we will explore the biblical intentions of the New Testament church, what it’s place is in the world and how being part of the church should change our perspective!

In Week 2, Pastor Will expands on the focus of the early church and how it relates to the inward ministry of the body of Christ! Discipline and Discipleship, development of Spiritual Maturity and Unity within the church as well as growing our individual relationship with God are absolutely paramount!

In Week 3, Pastor Will finishes the series, “What is the Church?”, with a comprehensive look at the outward ministry aspects of the focus of the early church. He discusses the foundations for this portion of the focus as well as what the Great Commission truly entails!

Week 1: Defining the Biblical Church

Week 2: Inward Ministry of the Church

(We had some audio difficulties but our backup system worked like it should!)

Week 3: Outward Ministry of the Church

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