Cultural Indifference: Shaping the Imager (The Series)

Culture is unavoidable. It’s influence on us doesn’t have to be!

Regardless of the time of history we have existed, there has a been a prevailing culture that has existed. It is through this culture that we as people seem to exist and identify. But is this what God had planned for us? Is this what God truly wants for creation?

Join us here through the month of October as Pastor Will delivers this crucial and timely series. Messages in this series will be added to this post weekly!

Church, do you know that you were created for so much by the One who created you? In week 1 (October 4), Pastor Will dives deep into the Image that we were all created in, as well as what seeks to shape that image.

In Week 2 (October 11), Pastor Will tackles the idea of Entitlement and how this idea is the number one sales pitch of what culture has to offer.

In Week 3 (October 18), Pastor Will discusses how entitlement is part of a larger cycle with lust and temptation as well as how indifference to these patterns in culture tend to be costly.

In week 4 (October 25), Pastor Will presents the idea of the Religious Deception within culture and how half-truths have invaded the church.

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