Thankful For…(The Series)

It is the season of Thanksgiving! As we approach the holiday season, we begin a series about being thankful for the burdens in life. It is often easy to be thankful for the best things but the struggle comes when we don’t clearly see the reasons why we should give thanks. In this series, we will seek to find the “why” we should give thanks for each “burden” that we face.

In Week 1, Pastor Will discussing the burden of serving others in the midst of a busy world.

In Week 2, Pastor Will discusses the burden of surrender in a world that is so focused on control!

In Week 3, Pastor Will tackles the burden of work and breaks down the parable of talents!

In Week 4, Pastor Will discusses the burden of Grafting and developing an intimate relationship with God!

One thought on “Thankful For…(The Series)

  1. Really like listening to you 🙂 clear, well-done teaching… nice voice and presentation also. I’m glad to be able to listen online as well as in person; in Pulteney. Good location for the church, right next to Yknot Eatery !


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