Anticipating The Rebellion: The Coming of a King (Christmas 2020)

By all accounts, Jesus was a rebel. He didn’t represent the accepted culture or power structure that the people in Israel were accustomed to. They called him Rabbi but with a few exceptions, few would dare to call him Lord. He broke their religious traditions and arbitrary rules.

Explore with us how Jesus’ birth, life, death and resurrection were foretold but rejected as he provided all of us with the promised blessing from Genesis 12:3!

In Week 1, Pastor Will establishes the checklist for the coming Messiah that the Israelites would have used in trying to identify who would be the promised Immanuel!

In Week 2, Pastor Will continues discussing the prophesy leading up to the birth of Jesus. There is so much fascinating prophesy that leads us to being able to trust all promises of God because of the fulfillment of every prophetic promise in Jesus!

In Week 3, Pastor Will ties together the prophesy we have been talking about over the past few weeks with the traditional Christmas stories, including the shepherds, angels and Wisemen!

Week 4 of our series is from our special Christmas Eve Service! Join us as Pastor Will ties together the rebellion, the rebel and the true meaning of Christmas!

After the message, we take Communion together! If you haven’t been able to partake in this ordinance due to Covid-19, please feel free to join us!

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