Prayer Champions: Pray Like a Champion, Today!

Welcome to 2021! With any turn of the calendar to a New Year, it is so typical for us to review the previous year and look for things we would have done different. After this review, many of us vow to make change in the form of New Year’s Resolutions. Unfortunately though, by January 2nd, typically we are struggling with this new vow.

Why? Discipline!

The same can often be true for our spiritual lives! We often look at areas where we want to build and want to grow, but we struggle to see actual growth. We start 2021 with focusing on becoming more disciplined in the area of Prayer while developing all of the tools needed to become a Prayer Champion!

In Week 1 of the series, we first start with a special guest from CareNet Penn Yan, a partner ministry that serves families and expecting mothers with education and resources. Then, Pastor Will introduces the foundational truths behind prayer and why making a life change is so difficult. (CareNet’s Ministry Presentation is at the beginning of the recording, Message begins at 17:25 into recording)

In Week 2 of this series, Pastor Will unpacks what prayer is, and isn’t. Using the example the Jesus provided in Matthew 6, Pastor Will lays out the most important elements when it comes to the basics of Prayer!

In Week 3, Pastor Will dives into developing a more intimate relationship with God by trading in safe and ordinary prayers for a prayers that are more Dangerous. In this particular message, the Dangerous Prayer of focus is Search Me!

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