(de)Programmed: Redefining Sexuality

Welcome to Grace Community Fellowship! Throughout this series, we will work tirelessly to take a practical look at sexuality, including both the biblical and non-biblical versions that we find throughout society. We apologize for not posting these on a weekly basis, but we made the executive decision to post this series all together, as they build upon each other and work toward the biblical truth in regards to sex.

Being that this content is covering sexuality, it is adult in nature. As such, we advise all parents to prayerfully consider this content to present to their youth. We know that the pornography industry targets 6-8 year old kids with the intent on making them lifelong consumers of a corrupted version of sexuality, so why would we not seek to counter that with the gospel truth?

As you walk through this series, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Pastor Will via our contact page.

In week 1, Pastor Will dissects the original design of sex and how it unfortunately became corrupted through sin.

In week 2, Pastor Will explains what sex should be in terms of the God-honoring design and what exists outside of that design.

In week 3, Pastor Will lays out what is considered Sexually Moral vs. Sexually Immoral. Not all sex is bad, but when approached from the wrong context, it can be corrupted.

In week 4, Pastor Will discusses what is next in our fight to reclaim sexuality as something God designed. At the end of the message, we also take communion together. If you would like to join us, prepare your elements and partake along side of us!

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