Faith Over Fear (The Series)

In the current times we live in, the world is driven by fear. Culture promotes fear. The media profits off fear. Is it any wonder that so many people are overcome with very rational fears that lead us directly to anxiety and worry?

How do we break the cycle of fear? The answer is faith, with a clear understanding of how God created us for so much more than to be consumed or paralyzed with fear. Join us as we embark through a message series that is needed, maybe now more than ever with the ongoing pandemic.

When faced with the choice, choose faith over fear!

In week 1, Pastor Will discusses the origin of fear, how it is perpetuated in the world around us and how ultimately, the uncertainty of life leads us to a fear of the unknown.

Our Week 2 message had audio issues, but is available on our facebook page! In that message, Pastor Will covered the fear of failure and disappointment.

In Week 3, Pastor Will discusses the fear of success and all that finding success entails!

In Week 4, Pastor Will concludes this series by covering a fear that we all certainly experience: The fear of pain and death.

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