The Ghost (Series)

Have you ever heard any good ghost stories? Regardless, in this series you will hear of the greatest ghost story ever told and understood: The Holy Spirit!

The Holy Spirit remains the least understood member of the trinity of God. Many of us don’t fully grasp the Holy Spirit’s function, power, authority or purpose in our lives. In truth, without embracing the full power of the Holy Spirit in our lives, our experience as a Christian may seem shallow and lifeless.

Join us throughout this series as we take a deep dive on this mysterious person. Who is The Ghost?

In Week 1, Pastor Will discusses the presence of the Holy Spirit. Where did he come from? Who is he? When did he come into existence? There are so many questions and misunderstanding of who the spirit is, it is no wonder that many remain apathetic to the Holy Spirit. Today, we seek to break down some of those misconceptions or misunderstanding!

In Week 2, Pastor Will explains the power of the Holy Spirit and how that power manifests itself. Also he explains how we tend to negate the power of the Holy Spirit through our own presuppositions and how to overcome these detrimental tendencies.

In Week 3, Pastor Will discusses the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

In Week 4, Pastor Will continues the discussion on the Holy Spirit as we conclude this series!

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