Preparation and Purpose (Christmas Series, 2021)

When we think of Christmas as Christians, we often go to the time-honored stories of that surround Jesus’ birth. However, when we consider the miracle of the Christmas story, there is a much larger picture that God had in mind! Join us throughout this series as we look at God’s grand purpose and how theContinue reading “Preparation and Purpose (Christmas Series, 2021)”

Thankful For! (The Series)

Each year at Grace Community Fellowship, we look at the things we should be thankful for during the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving! This year, the theme of our messages focuses on the different things that as Christians, we often take for granted and should be thankful for! Week 1 Message: Pastor Will describes savingContinue reading “Thankful For! (The Series)”

(de)Programmed: Redefining Sexuality

Welcome to Grace Community Fellowship! Throughout this series, we will work tirelessly to take a practical look at sexuality, including both the biblical and non-biblical versions that we find throughout society. We apologize for not posting these on a weekly basis, but we made the executive decision to post this series all together, as theyContinue reading “(de)Programmed: Redefining Sexuality”