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What Occupies Our Thoughts?

In this week’s message (9/27/20), Church Elder Tim Moon dives into the idea of what truly occupies our thoughts and our time. Tune in for this week’s message as it certainly challenges what we allow ourselves to be consumed with!

(un)Complicated Ministry: Why Do WE Make Ministry So Hard?

In this message from September 20, Pastor Will explores barriers to ministry and how we can unpack the clutter around doing ministry in our own lives. Featured text is from the book of Jonah! Grab your favorite beverage, your Bible, and dive in with Pastor Will!

Good Friday

The cross is the nexus of heaven and earth, God and man, time and eternity. It is the focal point of human history, the greatest tragedy yet the greatest triumph, a means of death, yet an entrance to life. How can we possibly understand the implications of Christ’s death? The Lamb slain from the foundationContinue reading “Good Friday”

Spirituality v. Religion

Are you spiritual but not religious? I would call that nuanced spirituality, colored and shaded by one’s own personal inclination. In other words, one person’s spirituality is different than another’s, based on nothing more than how you define it. No truth involved with it at all. Incidentally, there is no such thing as your truthContinue reading “Spirituality v. Religion”

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