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God, Where are You?

Have you ever had those moments where you pray, you hope, you seek and you cry out for the Lord? Surely! We all have. Did God answer your prayer? Did you find the hope you sought after? Was your eyes dried with an everlasting peace? If you answered yes, no, maybe or not really toContinue reading “God, Where are You?”

Anticipating The Rebellion: The Coming of a King (Christmas 2020)

By all accounts, Jesus was a rebel. He didn’t represent the accepted culture or power structure that the people in Israel were accustomed to. They called him Rabbi but with a few exceptions, few would dare to call him Lord. He broke their religious traditions and arbitrary rules. Explore with us how Jesus’ birth, life,Continue reading “Anticipating The Rebellion: The Coming of a King (Christmas 2020)”

Midweek Message: December 2, 2020

In a special midweek message, Pastor Will preaches on anxiety and the struggle with perspective! Join us here for the audio or visit our facebook page for the video!

November 29th Service

Hey Everybody! Thank you for joining us today! In today’s message, Church Elders Tim and Doug deliver with some timely truths as they bring the word of God! Grab your bible, your favorite beverage and tune in to see what they have to say today!

What Occupies Our Thoughts?

In this week’s message (9/27/20), Church Elder Tim Moon dives into the idea of what truly occupies our thoughts and our time. Tune in for this week’s message as it certainly challenges what we allow ourselves to be consumed with!

(un)Complicated Ministry: Why Do WE Make Ministry So Hard?

In this message from September 20, Pastor Will explores barriers to ministry and how we can unpack the clutter around doing ministry in our own lives. Featured text is from the book of Jonah! Grab your favorite beverage, your Bible, and dive in with Pastor Will!


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